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Taken: The Wine Bottle Warning Device!

Posted on by Kris

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Have you ever had a bottle of wine “Taken?”
Introducing the Liam Neeson “Taken” wine bottle warning device!
Simply print and cutout the template below, and hang it on any bottle you don’t want your friends, family, roommates, house guests or friendly Eastern-European terrorists to touch. It’s sure to send the right message!

Taken: The Wine Bottle Warning Device!

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  • dealivinglotusflower

    Love it, a cousin once drank 2 not 1 but two friggin bottles of something we were saving. She was not invited to visit again. Thanks for this, spot on as usual, btw I moved from Sicily to Austin for family reasons. We NEED someone like you here! :-) Dea

  • Kris Chislett

    Ha! Cheers Dea! :)